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Tecmo went into the packaging field in the early 1970s, and directly transformed the industry by offering complete and innovative solutions to its customers. The company was the first to introduce vacuum packing in Lebanon in 1973. It also became a regional player in the same decade by achieving the mechanization and automation of the Iraqi dates industry and delivering turn-key food processing lines.

In the 1980s, Tecmo Pack confirmed its role as a pioneer in the field by developing the Crystalette line of shrink packing machines. This other success story resulted in the sale of hundreds of machines, all produced in-house.

A decade later, Tecmo Pack designed a line of thermoforming machines, in collaboration with French specialists, hence further expanding the range of machines sold by the company.

As part of the new organization of the Assouad Group, Tecmo Pack is a division of Tecmo sal. It offers a complete range of packing machines, thanks to its own machines, as well as cooperation with a number of world leading suppliers from Northern and Southern Europe, and China.